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“ The privilege of
a lifetime
is to become
who you truly are.”

— Carl G. Jung

My work lives at the confluence of
psychology, coaching, and wisdom schools,
along with strategic management and geopolitics.

Every “joint journey” as I like to call my work, is unique, tailored to the needs of a person or an organization.


For some, it is a one-on-one journey to help the person grow, explore their multi-faceted self and walk towards a 'life well lived'. For others, it is about thriving in their professional impact in the world. At times, the individual work also expands to a team or an entire organization.

This work is the natural evolution of my 25 years of training and experiences around the world, in the fields of psychology, business, geopolitics, and wisdom traditions.

A Glimpse of My Path

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I grew up in France and studied management, psychology, and history. I co-founded a classical music company in New York, and spent time near the lava flows on the Big Island of Hawai’i. I was the right-hand of the leading female politician in Mongolia. I had a therapy practice and TV shows in New Delhi. 

I live in California where I established Neidan, my counseling and consulting practice. I work with people and organizations around the world.



Interviews in print & on television, essays at the intersection of politics & psychology, conversations with tech icons on their philosophy of life, musings on inner peace and …


Exploring ways to uncover our human potential with psychologists, scientists, artists, technologists, historians, practitioners of ancient wisdom and ...

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