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Musings & Conversations

I've always loved hearing people's story,
their philosophy of life, their sense of a 'life well lived'.

At times, those conversations have become a media project — in print, on television, or online.


Indian Express
Third Eye, a Spiritual Proust Questionnaire

For five years, I published in Indian Express — one of India’s main English dailies — a weekly “Spiritual Proust Questionnaire”. In it, I interviewed personalities from the worlds of the arts, politics, business, civil society about their philosophy of life, and their views on spirituality. 

You can read here those conversations with author Pico Iyer, Sufi legend Abida Parveen, photographer Raghu Rai, telecom pioneer Sunil Mittal, psychiatrist Stan Grof, conductor Zubin Mehta, artists Raza and Subhod Gupta, cricketer-politician Imran Khan and so many more… 

Click here for all Interviews

Doordarshan, India’s national television 
Aaj Savere

During my years in India, I anchored a number of shows on Doordarshan, India’s national television. Some where live conversations with the public on psychological themes. Others were one-on-one interviews with personalities from the arts, business, politics, literature — on their journey and philosophy of life. A couple of examples:


Tarun Tahiliani, Aaj Savere, a journey of thoughts

Raghu Rai, Aaj Savere, a journey of thoughts

Interview Series 
Decoding the Soul of
Silicon Valley

Technology has been changing our lives, our societies and our species in exponential ways. I decided to explore the minds and beliefs of the pioneers and entrepreneurs spearheading those changes. Beyond the success stories we have all heard, what are their belief systems, their true drives, their perception of themselves, of society, of life? How do those who imagine and create our new realities view issues such as human nature, privacy, mortality, artificial intelligence? And how do those views affect how they act and what they create?

To answer those questions, I embarked on a series of interviews with key figures of the tech world, from founding fathers Vinton Cerf, Andy Bechtolsheim, and Bill Draper, to trail-blazing entrepreneurs and investors such as Reid Hoffman, Peter Thiel, Ev Williams, Craig Newmark, and Tony Fadell, to leading researchers and academics.

Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation
The Inner Peace
Interview Series

Inner Peace means something different for every human being. Without it - or a semblance of it - how can we speak of peace between people, let alone peace between nations? Inner Peace as a fundamental building block of global peace is the cornerstone of the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation initiative, Peace*3. To inspire and trigger those dialogues, the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation asked me to conduct a series of interviews with personalities from around the world, on the meaning of inner peace - how they achieve it, what challenges it, how it impacts their relationship to others and to the world. 

People who participated include His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, ABC News anchor Dan Harris, director Louie Schwartzberg, President of Mauritius Prof. Gurib, fashion icon Marissa Berenson, peace activist Scilla Elworthy, actor Taye Diggs and more. 

More on the Foundation at

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