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Over the years,
I have developed formal & informal collaborations,
to explore and share ways to know ourselves,
to navigate life and relationships,
to find our way to a life well lived. 

Those collaborators have been — among others — historians, mythologists, psychologists, seers, writers, scientists, artists, technologists, practitioners of ancient and modern schools of wisdom. They can also be research institutes and teaching organizations.


Seeds of Gold Institute,

I co-founded with sound alchemist Laura Inserra, the Seeds of Gold Institute. Alchemy encapsulates the meaning of life as the search for our ‘inner seeds of gold’ (our core essence and characteristics), along with the journey to manifest them in our lives and in the world.


Inspired by Alchemy, Seeds of Gold Institute is a home to research and explore ways to further our human potential — from timeless traditions to the most cutting edge theories, tools, and experiences.

Workshops, seminars, lectures, publications, Salons, multimedia, installations and more are in the making, spanning the worlds of mythology, sound journeying, depth psychology, shamanism, and neuroscience.

More at

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TranceScience Institute, President

Trained as a shaman in Mongolia over many years, Corine Sombrun developed a way to teach people how to self-induce trance without the need for external stimuli like drumming or psychedelics. All along, she’s been pursuing ground-breaking neuroscientific studies of trance states & their applications. 

With the late Prof. Francis Taulelle, we co-founded the TranceScience Institute, dedicated to the study and teaching of trance states. It is a network of collaborations at the cutting edge of brain and consciousness research. In addition, it develops research protocols studying the psychological, psychiatric and medical applications of trance states, as well as their use in the worlds of the arts, aerospace, creativity & much more.


Corine & I developed a protocol to integrate cognitive trance to psychotherapy, those altered states being a very potent tool for personal discovery, inner guidance, deep healing and meaningful transformation. 


You can read more at TranceScience or watch this Google Talk with Corine & me, exploring the fascinating intersection between shamanism, neuroscience & psychology.

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