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About Nadine

If I had to summarize it in a few words... 

I grew up in France, co-founded a classical music company in New York, and spent time near the lava flows on the Big Island of Hawai’i.

I was the right-hand of the leading female politician in Mongolia.

I had a therapy practice and TV shows in New Delhi.

My work lives at the intersection of psychology, coaching, and wisdom schools, along with strategic management and geopolitics.

Like 'haute couture', I tailor every 'joint journey' uniquely to each person's and team's needs.

Based in an enchanted abode in California,

I work with people and organizations around the world. 

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A Little Bit More About My Journeys

I grew up in Paris, in the Montessori spirit and with extraordinary mentors. I was born with eyes wide open, gazing at the world with curiosity, and from my youngest years, I've had a thirst for knowledge and exploration.


I graduated with a Masters in Management from HEC, France’s top business school and a Masters in History and International Affairs from the Sorbonne University, both summa cum laude

I then left for New York, where I co founded with Pierre Bergé & Alain Coblence, Andante — a pioneering classical music online platform and a high-end record label. During those years I was also trained in Jungian psychology and I discovered the wisdom of shamanic traditions, exploring Native American, Siberian, and Polynesian teachings.

This led me to the Big Island of Hawai’i, where I spent some time near the lava flows, and to Mongolia, where I moved with a one way ticket and one suitcase, wishing to experience life from that ‘end of the world’.

While in Ulaanbaatar, I served as Senior Advisor to Mongolia’s leading female politician, Dr. S. Oyun, who at the time was head of the Civil Will Party and member of the State Great Hural (Parliament). I worked with her on issues of political leadership, development, infrastructure, civil society, foreign aid, anti-corruption and international affairs.


I also had a chance to travel the region, from China to Siberia and to Central Asia — and to spend precious time in Mongolia’s incredibly powerful and primeval nature. 


The desire to further explore diverse societies and spiritual traditions led me to take another one way ticket, this time to India, to attend a teaching of the Dalai Lama. New Delhi became a beloved home. There, I developed a thriving 'joint journeying' practice at the confluence of psychology, coaching, and wisdom traditions, as well as a number of media endeavors. For years, I published a weekly column in Indian Express (one of India's main English dailies), interviewing personalities from the arts, business, politics, and civil society on their philosophy of life (click here for all articles). I also anchored hour-long morning programs on Doordarshan, India’s public television channel — in depth interviews with leading personalities as well as interactive sessions with the youth.


In 2012, I relocated to California, pursuing my counseling and consulting work, along with media, research & writing projects. I have also been collaborating with people and organizations at the cutting edge of personal development through psychology, wisdom traditions, history, technology, and neuroscience.

Paris, New York,

the Big Island of Hawai’i, Mongolia, India, California

chronological geographical narratives

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Psychology, business & technology, history & geopolitics, the media, 

wisdom schools & shamanism

 fields of apprenticeship and creation 

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